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Post  UGC Hawk on Wed May 27, 2009 3:31 pm

UGC Code of Conduct
1. Every member will demonstrate loyalty to their fellow members and to the UGC community.
2. Every member will conduct themselves in an honorable and professional manner at all times.
3. Every member will demonstrate respect for his fellow members, fellow gamers, and the leadership of UGC.
4. All members appointed to leadership positions will be held personally responsible for providing a positive gaming environment for all members of UGC.
5. Racism, discrimination, harassment, or intolerance of any kind will NOT be accepted in any aspect of the UGC community or towards anyone at any time.
6. All members have the right to express any ideas or issues. However, this must be done within the chain of command.
7. All members of UGC may be members only of UGC Gaming, and may not be part of any other gaming community unless direct permission has been given by a Creator.
8. Unlawful activity of ANY kind, regardless of jurisdiction, WILL NOT BE TOLLERATED, and will be grounds for IMMEDIATE dismissal from the community.
9. All members of UGC are encouraged to show pride in their community and include UGC in their gamer tag. However, we also encourage you to wait 2 weeks before changing your gamer tag to ensure that UGC is the right community for you.

Each and every member of UGC Gaming must read, understand and abide by the UGC code and understand that each member of UGC is responsible for their own behavior, actions and safety. The leadership and ownership of UGC Gaming assumes no responsibility for the actions of the members. Each member must be responsible for themselves. Any violations of the Code are grounds for dismissal from the UGC Gaming community.
Thank You and Welcome to the UGC Gaming community.
UGC Hawk
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